About us

We offer professional driving lessons at reasonable pricing in the Rural City of Wangaratta and Benalla in North East of Victoria.


Murray Townsend from Jacques Driving School is an experienced driving instructor and alongside his wife Mary who helps run the business they have a multitude of experience on the road from which to draw on. It is the belief of Jacques Driving School that learning to drive should be a partnership between the Learner, the Instructor and the Supervising Driver. We encourage the parent supervisor or mentor to sit in on the lessons whenever they can.


With Murray's involvement in the Government programs L2P and Keys2Drive we can offer far more than just the standard driving lessons offered by other driving schools. 

“I teach to drive safely, I don’t just teach to pass the test because if the learner can systematically control a vehicle safely and properly as well as applying and abiding to all requirements of the law, they should be able to pass the test.”

“I take responsibility in preparing learners for a lifetime of safe driving very seriously.”

“I believe it’s a partnership between the learner driver, the supervisor and myself.”

“I encourage the parent/supervisor or mentor to sit in on the driving lessons whenever they want. Then they can reinforce what the learner has learnt.”


“I work at the pace of each learner, fully aware that people learn at different rates.”.